About me

Thanks for checking out my site! As the title of the page suggests I am a working mom whose life is just a little chaotic. Whose life isn’t a little hectic though, right? The difference between your hectic life and mine is that I am choosing write about mine. Hopefully by letting you into my life a little we can come up with some ways to either curb some of the chaos or understand we aren’t alone in the chaos.

First thing though…this isn’t a page to complain about stay at home moms. I may complain sometimes that  a particular task or event would be a little easier without the addition of my 9-5 job, but I’m not going to trash the SAHM’s. I have lots of SAHM’s in my circle of friends and I’m not sure if I would trade with them. Sometimes I think it would be awesome to stay at home full time with my kids, but then one of them decides to have a complete breakdown over the color of the toe of the socks in their dresser. At that moment I want to send all of my SAHM’s a picture of me not having to deal with that mood for the rest of the day. Thankfully my kids do not act like that for their teachers–just me.

Second of all…I’m going to complain sometimes. What mom doesn’t want to just bust out a bottle of wine and try to figure out how they made it through the day. I absolutely LOVE my family. I wouldn’t trade them for the world–not even a week of pampering on a tropical island. That does sound nice though.

Thirdly…I’m also going to brag about my insanely awesome family sometimes. Feel free to brag about  your kids in the comments or on your blog. I won’t mind. It’s not a competition for the most awesome kid in the universe. There’s enough awesomeness to go around. For example my six year old, Princess,  knows quite a few multiplication facts, but didn’t know she spoke English. My kids are awesome, but not perfect.

Lastly…If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a very sarcastic person. It gets me through the day. If I say I’m going to throat punch the next kid who asks me for a piece of candy before dinner please don’t call CPS on me. The worse thing my kids get from me is a head tilt and an eye roll. They know what it means.

Enjoy the reads, but don’t take me too seriously.


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