Keep the Transmission Fluid at Sea Level


Today’s daily post challenge is…

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

Geesh! This prompt stumped me for a bit. I have to choose someone close to me? That was a challenge in itself. I don’t like people really. I mean, I like my husband, and my kids, and most of my family, but after that I tend to keep my distance.  I have a few friends but they know I really don’t like people, so they are cool with my occasional disappearing from Earth act. It’s just me; take it or leave it.

Anyway… I got a little off track there. The person most unlike me? My husband…has to be my husband.

  • I like to make firm plans with friends and family; he likes to make a tentative plan then fill in the details as we go.
  • I like to spend money on the important things in life like boots; he likes to spend money on silly things like bills.
  • I like to spend my free time being productive (you know, marathon watching Netflix while browsing Pinterest); while he likes wasting time playing video games

See! We are nothing alike!

The thing that really keeps us together is being able to tolerate (an appreciate) the other persons likes and interests. I have no interest in playing video games with my husband, but I know that’s how he relaxes. He see’s no point in my stressing out over planning meals, store trips, and meetings with friends, but he understands my need to keep things under control so I don’t go insane.

We also have to keep a good sense of humor about everything. We are able to laugh at one another, I mean with one another, without getting our feelings hurt. Just yesterday he was so kind to get my oil changed in the car for me. When I get home I take a glance at the paper the oil change place sent home. Next to transmission fluid the tech wrote in something. I thought the something said ” sea level”. I asked my husband why it was important to note that my transmission fluid was at sea level. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, shook his head and said, “that says sealed”. Now, I’m not illiterate, the guys handwriting was terrible! I probably laughed harder at myself than he did.


The recipe for a great marriage (at least for my great marriage)? Appreciate each other’s interests and keep your transmission fluid at sea level.


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